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 they may weaken the patient's muscle tone, thus making the spasms less notice-
 able. Alternatively, they .may induce sleep or so tranquilize the patient that
 • nbrmal mental and physical functio_s are impossible.
 -8. A healthy, athletic young woman nan!ed Valerie Cover was stricken
 _ith multiple sclerosis while in her early, twenties. She consulted several
 medical special ists and followed ell the customary regimens and prescribed
 methods for coping with this debilitating disease over a period of several years.
 None of these proved avai]_ngo Two years after first experiencing the symptoms
 of multiple sclerosis her active, productive life - as an athlete, Navy officer's
 wife and mother - was effectively overs The Socia3 Security Administration
 declared her totally d_sabledo To move about her home she had to sit; on a skate-
 board and push herself around. She spent most of her time in bed or sitting in
 a wheelcha_ r.
 9. An occasional marijuana smoker in her teens, before her marriage,
 she had not smoked #t for five years as of February 1986o Then a neighbor
 suggested that marijuana just might help Firs. Cover's multiple sclerosis, having
 read that _t had helped cancer patient's control their emes_s. Mrs° Cover
 acceded to the suggestion.
 I0. Just before smoking the marijuana cigarette produced by her neighbor,
 Mrs. Cover had been throwing up aed suffering from spasms. Within five minutes
 of smoking part of the marijuana cigarette she stopped vomiting, no "(onger felt
 nauseous and noticed that the intensity of her spasms was significantly reduced. "
 She stood up unaided. ,_:_
 11. Mrs. Cover began smoking m_m!jua_a whenever She felt nauseated. __
 ; "%
 When she did so it control"led her voh_itiing, .stopped the mausea and. increased her .i_
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