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 Nonetheless, _s ]982 Dr. Hepler was of:the opinion that marijuanadid not have a
 currently accepted medical use-in the United State& for the. treatment of -:
 glaucoma. :
 7. Four glaucoma patients testified in these proceedi-ngs. Each has
 found marijuana to be of help in contro_!ing IOP.
 8. In 1984 the treatment of glaucoma with Cannabis was the subject of
 an Ophthalmology Grand Rounds at the University of California, San Francisco. A
 questionnaire was distributed which queried the ophthalmologists on cannabis
 therapy for glaucoma patients refractory to standard treatment. Many of them
 have glaucoma patients who have asked about marijuana. Most of the responding
 ophthalmologists believed that THC capsules or smoked marijuana need to be avaiI-
 ab]e for patients who have not benefitted significantly from standard treatment.
 9. In about 1978 an unspecified number of persons in the public health
 service sector in New Mexico, including some physicians, accepted marijuana as
 having medical use _n treating glaucoma.
 10. Amajority of an unspecified number of ophthalmologists known to
 Arthur Kaufman, M.D., who was formerly in general practice but now is employed
 as a medical program administrator, accept marijuana as having medical use in
 treatment of glaucoma.
 II. In addition to the physicians _dent_fied and referred to in the
 findings above, the testimony of patients _, in this record establishes that no
 more than three or four other physicians Consider marijuana to be medically
 useful in the treatment of glaucoma in the United States, One of those
 physicians actually wrote;
 a prescription for marijuana for a patient, which, of
 course, she was unable to have fi_led_
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