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 two surveys were conducted by professional po_]i_ 9 compaMes. The Detroit Free
 Press conducted a telephone po_]_n _hich 85.4% of those responding favored
 access to-marijuana-by prescript_ono I_ the State of Washington the State
 _edical Association conducted a-po_1 i_ _hich 80% of the doctors belonging to
 the Association favoced controlled avai}ability of marijuana formedical
 From the foregoing uncontroverted facts it is clea, r beyond any question
 that many peop}e find marijuana to have, _ the words of the Act', an _accepted
 medical use in treatment in the United S_ate_" _n effecting relief for cancer
 patients. Oncologists_ physicians treating cancer patients, accept this. Other
 med_ca_ practiCioners and researchers accept this_ Medical faculty professors
 accept it. Nurses performing hands-on patient care accept _to
 Patients ac#ept it. As counsel for CCA perceptively pointed out at oral
 argument, acceptance'by the patient _s of vital importance. Doctors accept a
 therapeutic agent or process only if it _works" for the patient. If the patient
 does not accept, the doctor cannot admin#ster the treatment. The patient's
 informed consent is vital. The doctor ascertains the patient's acceptance by
 observing and listening to the pat#ent. Acceptamce by the doctor depends on
 what ha sees in the patient and hears from the patient. Unquestionably,
 patients to large numbers have accepted marijuana as useful in treating their
 emesis. The have found that _t _works _. Doctors, evaluating their patients,
 can have no basis more. sound than that for their own acceptance.
 Of relevance, also, is the acceptance of marijuana by state attorneys_
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