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 Other parents asked the parents of the first child about it, were told of the
 use of marijuana, tried it .with-their children, and saw dramatic improvemeot.
 _. o
 They accepted its.effectiveness, In the-words of the mother of the first child:
 '_ . . When your kid is riding a tricycle while his other hospita.] buddies :Tare
 -hoo_ed up tp IV needles,-their heads hung over vomi. ting buckets., youl don't need
 a federal agency to tell you marijuana is effective, The evidence is in front
 of you, so stark it cannot be ignoredo "6
 34. There is at least one hospital in Tucson, Arizona where medicinal
 use of marijuana by chemotherapy patients is encouraged by the nursing staff and
 some physicians.
 35. In addition to the physicians mentioned i_ the Findings above,
 mostly oncolog_sts and other practitioners, the fol_owing doctors and health
 care professionals, representing several different areas of expert_se, accept
 narijuana as med_cal_y useful _n controlling or reducing emesis and testified to
 ]hat effect in these proceedings-
 a.. George Goldstein, Ph. Do, psychologist, Secretary of Health for
 .he State of _ew Mexico from 1978 to _983 and chief administrator in the imple-
 mentation of the New Mexico program utilizing marijuana;
 b Oro Daniel Danzak_ psychiatrist and former head of the .New
 ex_co program utilizing marijuana;
 c. Or. Tod Mikur_ya, psychiatrist and editor of Marijuana:
 edical Pa e_, a book presenting an historical perspective of marijuaoa's
 edica! use;
 d. Dr. Normafi Zimberg, general psychiatrist and Professor of
 _ychiatry a:t Harvard Medical School since 195_
 Affidavit of Janet Andrews, ACT rebuttal witness, 9aro 98
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