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 his hospital tooth after his parents made arrangements with the hospital for him
 to do soo =Smoking marijuana controlled his post-chemotherapy nausea andvbmiting,
 enabled him to eat regular omeals again: with his family, and he became outgoing
 and talkative. His parents accepted his marijuana smoking as effective and
 ',he]pluTo Two cler!_ymen, among others,°brought mac;ijuana to.this patient's home..-
 Many people at the hospital supported .the patient's marijuana therapy, none
 doubted its helpfuIness or discouraged _t. This patient was asked for help by
 other patients. He taught some _ho lived nearby how to form the marijuana
 cigarettes and properly i_ha_e the smoke to obtain relief from _ausea and
 vomiting. _4hen an article about this patient's smoking marijuana app-eared in a
 _oca] newspaper, he and his family heard from many other cancer patients who
 were doing the same° Most of them made am effort to _nform their doctors. Most
 physicians who knew their patients smoked marijuana medicinally approved,
 accepting marijuana's therapeutic helpfulness in reducing nausea and vomiting.
 28. In October 1979 the Michigan legis_ature enacted )egislation whose
 underlying purpose was to make mariju#na available therapeutically for cancer
 patients and others. The SteLe Senate passed the bill 29-5, the House of
 Representatives IO0-Oo In March _982 the Michigan legislature passed a
 resolution asking the Federal Congress to try to alter Federal policies which
 prevent physicians from prescribing marijuana for legitimate medical
 applications _tnd prohibit its use in medical treatments.
 29. In Denver, Colorado a teenage cancer patient has been smoking
 marijuana to control nausea and vomiting since ]986. He has dome this in his
 hospital room both before end _after chemotherapy. His doctor and hospital staff
 kc_ow he does-this. The doctor has stated that he would prescribe marijuana for
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