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 This allows them to retain strength and .makes them better able to.fight] the
 cancer. Pyscho.jogica_ly, pat'_ents who raft continue to eat even while receiving
 chemotherapy mafnta_n a balanced outlook and are better able to cope the{r
 disease and _ts treatment, doctors have found, i 
 , 12. Synthetic anti-emetic agents-have beer _n:existence. and utilized
 4 .
 for a number of years. Since about 1980 some new synthetic agents have been
 developed which appear to be more effective in controlling and reducing chemo-
 therapy-induced nausea and vomiting than were some of .those available in the
 _970's. But marijuana st_|l #s found more effective for this purpose in some
 people than any of the synthetic agents, even the newer ones.
 13. By the 1_te 1970_s in the Washington, D.,Co area there was a growing
 recognition among health care professionals and the publ_c that marijuana had
 therapeutic value _n reducing the adverse effects of some chemotherapy treatments.
 W_th Lh#s _ncreasing public awareness came increasing pressure from patients on
 doctors for _nformation about marijuana and its therapeutic uses. Many patients
 moved into forms of unsupervised self_trea_ment_ _/hi_,e such self-treatment
 often proved very effective, it has certain hazards, ranging from arrest for
 purchase or use of an illegal drug to possibly serious medical complications
 from contaminated sources or adulterated materials. Yet, some patients are
 w_lling, to'run these risks to obtain relief from the debilitating nausea and
 vomiting caused by their chemotherapy treatments.
 14. Every oncologist known to one _4ashington, D.C_ practicing :inter-
 n_st and board_certif#ed onco_og_st has had patients who used marijuana with
 great success to prevent or diminish chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomi_ing.o
 Chemotherapy patients reporting directly to that _ash_ng_on doctor that they

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