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 ,With respect tO whether ornot_.marijuana has a "currently accepted medical
 use in treatment in the United states" for chemotherapy patients, the record-
 _shows the following facts to {e uncontroverted.
 Findings Of Fact
 1. One of the most serious problems experienced by cancer patients
 undergoing chemotherapy for their cancer is severe _ausea and vomiting caused by
 their reaction to the toxic {poisonous) chemicals administered to them in the
 course of this treatment. This nausea and vomiting at times becomes life
 threatening. The therapy itself creates a tremendous strain on the body° Some
 patients cannot tolerate the severe nausea and vomiting and discontinue treat_
 ment. Beginning in the i970's there was considerable doctor-to-doctor communi-
 cation in the United States concerning patients known by their doctors to be
 surreptitiously using marijuana _ith notable success to overcome or lessen their
 nausea and vomiting.
 2, Young patients generally achieve better control over nausea and
 vomiting from smoking marijuana than do older patients, particularly when the
 older patient has not been provided with detailed information on how to smoke i
 3. Marijuana cigarettes i_ many cases are superior to synthetic THC ._
 capsules in reducing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Marijuana _
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