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 ,_r0-_-_?-7007 Ai:_ _ 26,9! 1;2:50 I4o.005 p.fi2
 Petition for Review of Orders of the
 Drug Enforcement Administration
 Thomas C Collier, Jr, wR.h whom Sleven IK. Davidson
 and A_r_v t._( LL_tig were on the brief, for petitioner Alli-
 ance for Cannabis Therapeutics in 90-1019.
 Kevin B. Zeese was on the brief for petitioner The
 National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
 in 90-1020.
 Charlotte d. Mapes, Attorney, Department of Justice,
 with whom Margaret A. Grove, Attorney, Department of
 Justice_ and Stephen E. Stone, Associate Chief Counsel,
 Department of Justice, were on the briei% for respondent
 in 90-t019 and 90-1020. Madelir,'_z R Shirhgv, Attorney,
 Department of Justice, also entered an appearance for
 Before: StLBERMAN, BUCRLE% and HgNDERSON, Circuit
 Opinion for the Court filed by Circuit Judge SmBEaMAN.
 S_LBE_MA_ Circuit Judge: This is a petition for review
 of a final order of the Administrator of the Drug Enforce-
 ment Administration (DEA). The order maintains the
 classification of marijuana as a narcotic drug under Sched-
 ule t of the Controlled Substances Act, 2t U.S.C, 801-996o
 Petitioners, Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics (ACT)
 and National Organization fbr the Reform for Marijuana
 Laws (NORML}, who claim that marijuana should be
 reclassified in Schedule II, argue that the DEA Adminis-
 trator's decision rests on an improper application of the
 statutory standards and an incorrect determination that_
 _)etitioners failed to meet them. We think that the Admin-
 istrator's interpretation of the statute was in the main
 acceptable, but he appears to have relied on several factors
 that are tmreasonable because logically impossible to sat-
 isfy; therefore, we remand.

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