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 Doctor Richard Jo Gralla_ a professor of medicine at
 Cornell University Medical College, an associate attending
 physician at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and
 an expert in cancer research, testified:
 Most experts would says and our studies support,
 that the cannabinoids in general are not very
 effective against the major causes of nausea and
 Doctor Gralla added:
 I have found that because of the negative side
 effects and problems associated with marijuanaoo._
 most medical oncologists and researchers have
 little interest in marijuana for the treatment of
 nausea and vomiting in their patients.
 Doctor John Laszlo_ Vice President of Research for the
 American Cancer Societyp an expert who has spent 37 years
 researching cancer treatments_ and who has written a leading
 textbook on the subjects _'Antiemetics and Cancer
 Chemotherapy, '_ testified there is not enough scientific
 evidence to justify using marijuana to treat nausea and
 vomiting. Not one nationally-recognized cancer expert could
 be found to testify on marijuana_s behalf.
 To be an effective treatment for glaucoma, a drug must:
 (i) lower the pressure within the eye (intraocular
 pressure), (ii) for prolonged periods of time, and (iii)
 actually preserve sight (visual fields). Five scientific
 studies are cited as evidence marijuana is an effective
 glaucoma treatment. Those who cite these studies are
 mistaken_ These studies tested pure THC_ not marijuana.
 W.Do Purnell and JoM. Gregg, '_De!ta_9-Tetrahydrocannabinol,

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