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 together with their regular medicinesr so it is impossible
 to say whether marijuana helped them° Observations or
 results were not scientifically mea_ured© Procedures were
 so poor that much critical research data were lost or never
 recorded° Although these programs were well-intentioned,
 they are not scientific proof of anything°
 Some people refer to a study by Doctor Thomas
 Ungerleider as proof marijuana reduced nausea in bone marrow
 transplant patients° Unfortunately, Doctor Ungerleider
 neglected to follow responsible scientific methods in his
 study. Like the state programs, it proves nothing° Doctor
 Unqerleider chose not to publish his study evidently because
 of its serious weaknesses. He admitted as much when
 questioned under oath°
 Those who say there are reliable scientific studies
 showing marijuana is an effective drug for treating nausea
 and vomiting are wrong° No such studies exist°
 Our nation's top cancer experts reject marijuana for
 medical use. Doctor David S. Ettinger_ a professor of
 oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicines
 an author of over 100 scholarly articles on cancer
 treatment, and a nationally respected cancer experts
 There is no indication that marijuana is effective
 in treating nausea and vomiting resulting from
 radiation treatment or other causes° No
 legitimate studies have been conducted which make
 such conclusions°

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