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 marijuana° Because he tested the combinations we cannot
 tell just what effects can be attributed to marijuana alone.
 People cite a third study, done by Doctor Levitt, as proof
 marijuana is effective° They are mistaken° Doctor Levitt
 compared marijuana to THC in controlling nausea and
 vomiting_ and he concluded that THC was the more effective
 A librarian can help locate copies of these studies
 should you want to see them for yourself. Sallan_ et al.,
 _'Antiemetic Effect of Delta-9-Tetranydrocannibinol in
 Patients Receiving Cancer Chemotherapy, |_ 293 New England
 Journal of Medicine 795-797 (1975); Chang, et al., "Delta-9-
 Tetrahydrocannabinoi as an Antiemetic in Cancer Patients
 Receiving High-Dose Methotrexate_ _' 91 Annals of Internal
 Medicine Slg-S24 (1979); Levitt_ et al._ _'Randomized Double
 Blind Comparison of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THe) and
 Marijuana As Chemotherapy Antiemetics_ '_ (Meeting Abstract) 3
 Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Society of
 clinical Oncology 91 (1984).
 During the 1970_s and 19S0's_ a number of states set up
 research programs to give marijuana to cancer and glaucoma
 patients, on the chance it might help. Some people point to
 these programs as proof of marijuanaJs usefulness.
 Unfortunately_ all research is not necessarily good
 scientific research° These state programs failed to follow
 responsible scientific methods. Patients took marijuana

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