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 evidence that marijuana is medically effective? If it has
 medical value, do its benefits outweigh its risks? What do
 America_s top medical and scientific experts say? Would
 they prescribe it for their patients, their families; their
 As the current Administrator of Drug Enforcements and
 as a former United States District Judger I have made a
 detailed review of the evidence in this record to find the
 There are significant short-term side effects and long-
 term risks linked to smoking marijuana_ Marijuana is likely
 to be more cancer-causing than tobacco; damages brain cells;
 causes lung problems, such as bronclhitis and emphysema; may
 weaken the body's antibacterial defenses in the lungs;
 lowers overall blood pressures which could adversely affect
 the supply of blood to the head; causes sudden drops in
 blood pressure 

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