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 marijuana_s bioavailability, metabolic pathways and
 pharmacckinetics is inadequate. Studies in humans are too
 small and too few. Sophisticated epidemiological studies of
 marijuana use in large populations are required_ similar to
 those done for tobacco use. Far too many questions remain
 unknown for experts fairly and responsibly to conclude
 marijuana is safe for any use.
 Third, there are no adequate_ well-controlled
 scientific studies proving marijuana is effective for
 Fourth, marijuana is not accepted for medical use in
 treatment by even a respectable minority, much less a
 consensus, of experts trained to evaluate drugs° The FDA's
 expert drug evaluators have rejected marijuana for medical
 use. No NDA has been approved by FDA for marijuana° The
 testimony of nationally recognized experts overwhelmingly
 rejects marijuana as medicine, compared to the
 scientifically empty testimony of the psychiatrists, a
 wellness counseier and general practitioners presented by
 Fifths given my conclusions on points one, two and
 three, it follows that the pubiishe_d scientific evidence is
 not adequate to permit experts to fairly and responsibly
 conclude that marijuana is safe and effective for use in

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