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 (v) Studies or reports involving drug substances
 other than the precise substance at issue;
 (vi) Studies or reports involving the substance at
 issue combined with other druq substances;
 (vii) Studies conducted by persons not qualified by
 scientific training and experience to evaluate the
 safety and effectiveness of the substance at issue;
 (viii) Opinions of experts based entirely on
 unrevealed or unspecified information;
 (ix) Opinions of experts based entirely on
 theoreticai evaluations of safety or
 Bad Medic'ne B AnT Standard
 My predecessor as DEA Administrator developed and
 relied upon an eight-point test to determine whether
 marijuana has accepted medical uses° 54 FR 53783 (December
 29_ 1989):
 I. Scientifically determined and accepted knowledge of its
 2o The toxicology and pharmacology of the substance in
 3o Establishment of its effectiveness in humans through
 scientifically designed clinical trials;
 4. General availability of the substance and information
 regarding the substance and its use:
 5. Recognition of its clinical use in generally accepted
 pharmacopeias medical references, journals or
 6o Specific indications for the treatment of recognized
 7o Recognition of the use of the substance by
 organizations or associations of physicians; and
 8o Recognition and use of the substance by a substantial
 segment of the medical practitioners in the United

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