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 acceptance of a drug by a national consensus of experts also
 would seem to satisfy the Acts
 When a drug lacks NDA approval and is not accepted by a
 consensus of experts outside FDA, it cannot be found by the
 Attorney General or his delegate to have a currently
 accepted medical use. To do so would require the Attorney
 General to resolve complex scientific and medical disputes
 among experts, to decide the ultimate medical policy
 questions rather than merely determine whether the drug is
 accepted by others°
 Because the recognition of a drug by non-experts is
 irrelevant to GRASE status, to NDA approval, and to
 currently accepted medical use under the Controlled
 Substances Act, points seven and eight of our eight-point
 test should be combined and restated as follows:
 The drug has a New Drug Application (NDA) approved
 by the Food and Drug Administration pursuant to
 the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Ac:t_ 21 U.S.C. 355°
 Or, a consensus of the national community of
 experts, qualified by scientific training and
 experience to evaluate the safety and
 effectiveness of drugs_ accepts the safety and
 effectiveness of the substance: for use in treating
 a specific, recognized disord_:ro A material
 conflict of opinion among expe_rts precludes a
 finding of consensus°
 This restatement also incorporates the component of
 part one of our eight-point test concerning '_accepted
 knowledge of its chemistry. _'
 Eo The Scientific Evidence Must Be Widely Available.
 Nothing in the FDCA, nor in FDA's regulations, requires

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