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 To be GRASE_ a drug must be _'generaiiy recognized _,
 among experts as safe and effective for its intended use.
 The drug must be known or familiar to the national community
 of relevant experts. United Statesv._.icles of
 Dru o..Furestroi Va ina! Suppositorie_s, 294 F. Supp. 1307_
 1309 (NOD. Ga. 1968) aff_d_ 415 Fo2d 390 (Sth Ciro 1969)_
 To determine if a drug is known to the community of experts,
 courts have looked to whether there is widely available
 scientific literature about the drugs Premo Pharmaceutical
 Laboratories Inco v. United State,i, 629 F.2d 795, 803 (2d
 Cir. 1980), whether it is widely taught in medical schools_
 Le_mon Pharmaceuticals Cos v_ Richardson_ 319 F_ Supp. 375,
 378 (E_Do Pa. 1970)_ and whether it is widely discussed by
 experts° United States v. Bent ex Ulce__ 469 Fo2d 875_
 SS0 (5th Cir. 1972).
 The recognition of a drug as GRASE need not be
 universal. General recognition is sufficient. United
 States Vo.41 Cartonsoo.Ferro-LaG_ 420 F.2d 1126_ 1132 (5th
 Cir. 1970) o The Supreme Court has interpreted this to mean
 a consensus of experts is familiar with and accepts a drug
 as safe and effective. Weinber er y__ Hvnson Etco_ 412 U.So
 609_ 629 (1973)o However, if there is a serious dispute
 among the experts, a drug cannot be considered GRASE.
 United States Vo An Article of Food_o.CocoRico_ 752 F.2d
 Ii, 15 (ist Cir. 1985); Merrit Cor o vo Folsom, 165 F. Supp.
 41S_ 42! (D_D.C. 1958)o

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