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 initial listing of drugs that it placed into the original
 five schedules of the Act.
 NDA-approved drugs were placed by Congress into
 Schedules II_ III, IV and V of the Act° For example_
 pethidine (also known as meperidine) received New Drug
 Application (NDA) approval in 1942o Congress put it into
 Schedule iI(b) (14). Methamphetamine had an approved NDA.
 Congress put it into Schedule III(a} (3). i am not aware of
 any drug with an approved NDA that Congress originally put
 into Schedule I°
 Drugs with medical uses, but without approved NDA's
 also were placed by Congress into Schedules II, III_ IV and
 Vo For exampler cocaine was put into Schedule If(a) (4)o
 Codeine combinations were put into Schedules III(d) (i) and
 V. Morphine combinations were put into Schedule III(d) (8).
 Phenobarbital was put into Schedule IV(ll). Barbiturates
 were put into Schedule ill(b) (1) o Amphetamines were put
 into Schedule III(a) (1) o
 The Court of Appeals for the First Circuit was correct
 when it decided in Grinspoon v. DEA, 828 F.2d 881 (1987)
 that NDA approval is not the only method by which drugs can
 achieve Federal recognition as having medical uses°
 Congress put both GRASE drugs and pre_!938-grandfathered
 drugs into Schedules If, IIi_ IV and V of the CSA°

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