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 Ophthalmology_ and Survey of Ophthalmology)° Doctor Green
 has conducted extensive basic and clinical research using
 marijuana and THC to treat glaucoma patients. He has
 authored over 200 books or research articles in
 ophthalmology and is a highly respected expert on this
 subject. Doctor Green testified:
 There is no scientific evidenceo._that indicates
 that marijuana is effective in regulating the
 progression of symptoms associated with glaucoma.
 _ _ It is clear that there is no evidence that
 marijuana use prevents the progression of visual
 loss in glaucoma° _ _ e The quantities of the drug
 required to reduce intraocular pressure in
 glaucoma sufferers are largos and would require
 the inhalation of at least six marijuana
 cigarettes each day° _ _ e Smoking is not a
 desirable form of treatment for many reasons ....
 [M3arijuana. o.has little potential future as a
 glaucoma medication°
 Doctor George Spaeth is the Director of the Glaucoma
 Service at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, the largest
 service in the United States devoted to researching and
 treating glaucoma and to teaching other doctors about this
 disease. Doctor Spaeth is President of the American
 Glaucoma Society. He is a professor of ophthalmology, the
 editor of a scholarly eye journal (Ophthalmic Surgery), and
 the author of over 200 research articles on glaucoma. He
 I have not found any documentary evidence which
 indicates that a single patient has had his or her
 natural history of the disease altered by smoking
 Amputees and victims of MS can suffer from extreme
 muscle spasms° It is claimed marijuana is useful in

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