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 Many risks remain unknown. Marijuana contains over 400
 separately identified chemicals. No one knows all the
 effects of burning these chemicals together and inhaling the
 burnt mix. Are these risks outweighed by medical benefits?
 There are scientific studies showing pure THC (Delta-9-
 Tetrahydrocannabinol) t one of the many chemicals found in
 marijuana, has some effect in controlling nausea and
 vomiting. Pure THC is pharmaceutically made in a clean
 capsule form, called Marinoi, and is available for use by
 the medical community° More information on Marinol can be
 found in the _Physicians 8 Desk References _' available in most
 Since marijuana contains THC_ you might think marijuana
 also would be effective. Howeverf the effect of taking a
 drug in combination with other chemicals is seldom the same
 as taking just the pure drug° As already notedp marijuana
 contains over 400 other chemicals_ net just THC. There are
 no reliable scientific studies that show marijuana to be
 significantly effective in controlling nausea and vomiting.
 People refer to the Sallan study as proving marijuana_s
 effectiveness. They are mistaken° The Sallan study
 involved pure THC_ not marijuana. People refer to the Chang
 study to support marijuana_s effectiveness. They also are
 mistaken. Doctor Chang tested the combination of pure THC
 and marijuana to treat nausea and vomiting. The preliminary
 results he got were probably due to the THCr not the

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