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 enteritidis, Klebsiella pneumoniae_ qroup D streptococcus
 and pathogenic aspergillus,
 Several of these risks stand out,. The immune systems
 of cancer patients are weakened by radiation and
 chemotherapy_ leaving them susceptible to infection. If
 they experiment with marijuana to control nausea_ they risk
 weakening their immune systems further and exposing
 themselves to the infection-causing bacteria in the plant.
 It is estimated_ for examples that at Memorial Sloan-
 Kettering Cancer Center 60 patients die each year from
 pathogenic aspergillus infections°
 Glaucoma patients face possible blindness caused by
 very high fluid pressures within their eyes. If they
 experiment with marijuana to lower their eye fluid pressure_
 it can cause dramatic drops in their blood pressure and
 reduce the blood supply to their heads, Glaucoma experts
 testified this reduces the blood supply to the optic nerves
 and could speed ups rather than slow down_ their loss of
 MS_ glaucoma and cancer patients who have undiagnosed
 heart problems risk heart palpitations_ very rapid heart
 beats and sudden dramatic drops in blood pressure if they
 experiment with marijuana° For MS and glaucoma patients who
 must take medications for the rest of their lives_
 experimenting with marijuana poses the additional risks of
 lung cancers emphysema_bladdercancer and leukemia.

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