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 evidence that marijuana is medically effective? If it has
 medical valuer do its benefits outweigh its risks? What do
 America's top medical and scientific experts say? Would
 they prescribe it for their patients_ their families_ their
 As the current Administrator of Drug Enforcements and
 as a former United States District Judger I have made a
 detailed review of the evidence in this record to find the
 There are significant short-term side effects and long-
 term risks linked to smoking marijuana. Marijuana is likely
 to be more cancer-causing than tobaccos damages brain cells;
 causes lung problems_ such as bronchitis and emphysema; may
 weaken the body's antibacterial defenses in the lungs;
 lowers overall blood pressure, which could adversely affect
 the supply of blood to the head; causes sudden drops in
 blood pressure (orthostatic hypotension), rapid heart beat
 (tachycardia), and heart palpitations_ suppresses
 iuteinizing hormone secretion in women, which affects the
 production of progesterone_ an important female hormone;
 causes anxiety and panic in some users because of its mind-
 altering effects; produces dizziness, trouble with thinking,
 trouble with concentrating_ fatigues and sleepiness; and
 impairs motor skills.
 As a plants marijuana can contain bacteria capable of
 causing serious infections in humans_ such as salmonella

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