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 _" A failure to meet just one of tlhe five points precludes
 a drug from having a currently accepted medical use°
 Marijuana fails all five points of the test°
 NORML has argued, unsuccessfully, that the legal
 standard for currently accepted medical use should be
 whether a respectable minority of physicians accepts the
 drug. The key to this medical malpractice defense is that
 the minority opinion must be recognized as respectable, as
 competentg by members of the profession.
 In the absence of reliable evidence adequately
 establishing marijuana_s chemistry_ pharmacology, toxicology
 and effectiveness, no responsible physician could conclude
 that marijuana is safe and effective for medical use. To
 quote Doctor Kenneth P. Johnson_ Chairman of the Department
 of Neurology at the University of Maryland, and the author
 of over 100 scientific and medical articles on MS: "To
 conclude that marijuana is therapeutically effective without
 conducting rigorous testing would be professionally
 By any modern scientific standard, marijuana is no
 List of Subjects in2r_! CFR Part 130_
 Administrative practice and procedure,. Drug traffic
 control, Narcotics, Dangerous drugs

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