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 use in treatment in the United States. Therefore, I adopt
 in their entirety the findings of facts and conclusions of
 law reached by the former Administrator in his final order
 of December 21, 1989, 54 FR 53767.
 Pursuant to the remand of the Court of Appeals, I have
 condensed and clarified the initial standard into a five-
 point test. My application of the refined_ five-point test
 to this record is set out briefly below°
 First, marijuana's chemistry is neither fully known,
 nor reproducible° Thus fats over 400 different chemicals
 have been identified in the plant. The proportions and
 concentrations differ from plant to plant, depending on
 growing conditions: age of the plants harvesting and storage
 factors. THC levels can vary from less than 0°2% to over
 10%. It is not known how smoking or burning the plant
 material affects the composition of all these chemicals. It
 is not possible to reproduce the drug in dosages which can
 be considered standardized by any currently accepted
 scientific criteria. Marijuana is not recognized in any
 current edition of the official compendia. 21 U.S.C.
 Second, adequate safety studies have not been done°
 All reasonably applicable pharmacological and toxicological
 studies have not been carried out_ Most of the chronic
 animal studies have been conducted with oral or intravenous
 _... .......... THC, not with marijuana. Pharmacological data on

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