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 treating spasticity. Three unusually small, inconclusive
 studies have tried using pure THC_ not marijuana, to treat
 spasticity. DoJ. Petro and C. Ellenberger, '_Treatment of
 Human Spasticity with Deita-9-Tetrahydro-cannabinol_ '_
 21 Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 413S-416S (1981)
 (included only nine patients). Two of the studies are mere
 abstracts, or short digests_ without _uch detail. Hanigan,
 Destee & Troung Abstro B45, Clin. Pharmacolo Ther. 198
 (19S6) (included only five patients), and Sandyk, Cannoe_
 Stern and Snider Abstro PP 331_ 36 Neurology 342 (1986)
 (included only three patients).
 No scientific studies exist which test marijuana to
 relieve spasticity.
 National experts on MS reject marijuana as medicine.
 Doctor Kenneth Po Johnson is Chairman of the Department of
 Neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicines
 He manages the Maryland Center for MS_ one of the most
 active MS research and treatment centers in the United
 States° He sits on the editorial boards of noted medical
 journals related to MS (Neurology and Journal of
 Neuroimmunology). He is the author of over I00 scientific
 and medical articles on MS. Doctor Johnson has spent most
 of his long career researching MS and has diagnosed and
 treated more than 6,000 patients with MS. Doctor Johnson
 At this time, I am not aware of..°any legitimate
 medical research in which marijuana was used to

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