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 marijuana use produces dizziness_ trouble with thinking,
 impaired motor skills, fatigue and sleepiness° The 1976
 study by Doctors Hepler, Frank and Petrus emphasized "Our
 subjects were sometimes too sleepy to permit measurement of
 intraocular pressures..o3 hours after intoxication." If a
 glaucoma patient were to smoke marijuana 8 to i0 times every
 day for the rest of his life, would he be alert and
 energetic enough to live a relatively normal life? Would he
 develop other diseases? No scientific studies exist to
 answer these questions° Robert Randall claims to have saved
 his sight by smoking 8 to 10 marijuana cigarettes every day.
 Under oath he admits he stays at home most days, follows no
 daily schedule or routines and has not held a regular job in
 over 15 years. He also has avoided having a comprehensive
 medical examination since 1975.
 No scientific studies have shown marijuana can reduce
 eye pressure over long periods of tilde.
 No scientific studies have shown marijuana can save
 America's top glaucoma experts reject marijuana as
 medicine° Doctor Keith Green is a p_zofessor of
 Ophthalmology who serves, or has se_ed_ on the editorial
 boards of eight prestigious eye journals (Ophthalmic
 Research_ Oftalmo Abstracto_ Current Eye Research_
 Experimental Eye Research_ Investigative Ophthalmology,
 American Journal of Ophthalmology 0 Archives of

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