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 iENT BY:Xerox TelecoDier 7021 ; 9-30-£3 ; I3:04 ; 2026283659 _ 9483805?;# 4
 Honorable Janet Reno
 May 26_ 1993
 Page 3
 this matter on behalf of ACTs and a copy of their brief iB also
 enclosed_ The position of the intervenors only highlights the
 urgency of this matter, particularly _iven the new and convincing
 evidence regardinq marijuanaes utility in 'the treatment of AIDS
 patients, which evidence has developed sin,_e the record in this
 case was closed.
 Given the medical and legal significance of the
 decision whether to reschedule marijuana, _ respeotfully request
 that you personally revlewthis matter before the Department
 files its hrief_ As I mentioned in my letter to Ms. Mitchell,
 the petiticners _ould be agreeable to suspending _he briefing
 schedule pending any review by the Department°.
 Thsnk you for your consideration of thls matter°
 Steven K. Davidson
 Counsel for Petitioner
 Alliance for Cannabis
 uc: Lena Mitohell_ Esq,

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