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 I research to find safe and effective treatment and cures for the
 debilitating illnesses that the petitioners would treat with
 marijuana° The Administrator shares petitioners' compassion for
 I those who suffer from these illnesses and are so desperate to
 find relief° This compassion, however, does not justify
 transferring the marijuana plant to Schedule II of the Controlled
 I Substances Act in order to make marijuana available by
 prescription or to promote scientific research when there is no
 I reliable scientific data as to marijuana's chemistry and no
 reliable data or consensus among experts as to its effectiveness
 i in treating these illnesses. Moreover, research into the alleged
 medical uses of marijuana may still continue under restricted
 conditions if marijuana remains in Schedule I.
 The Administrator correctly interpreted the statutory standard
 to require a demonstration of '_currently accepted medical use"
 and reasonably found the requirement was not satisfied by the
 evidence presented° The Administrator's interpretation of the
 statutory standard is consistent with the legislative intent as
 reflected in the plain language of the statute. The record
 reflects that the Administrator properly evaluated the evidence
 presented by petitioners and found it ins<_fficient to show that
 marijuana has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in
 the United States. The Administrator's i!inding that no currently
 accepted medical use had been demonstrated is amply supported and
 neither arbitrary nor capricious.

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