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 Pet. 31-32; ALZ 27-29 Such a standard would have virtually no
 meaning if, as petitioners urge, it would require the
 Administrator to overlook the absence of a scientific basis for
 i acceptance by the medical community and to refrain from
 scrutinizing the qualifications of those members of the medical
 I community who proclaim a medical use for marijuana. The
 Administrator's assessment that "the absence of reliable evidence
 establishing marijuana_s chemistry, pharmacology_ toxicology and
 effectiveness _' forecloses any legitimate conclusion that it has a
 medical use, is consistent with the fundamentals of scientific
 analysis. See Final Order !I, 57 Fed. Reg. at 10,507.
 i When the parties in this case were last before this court, the
 court ordered the Administrator to ensure that his interpretation
 I of the statutory standard did not result in requirements that
 were impossible for a drug to fulfill by virtue of its placement
 I in Schedule Io On review of the record die now_ the
 Administrator has resolved the court's concerns.
 First, the Administrator has clarified that general
 availability of a drug and its use by a substantial segment of
 the medical population are irrelevant to the determination of
 whether the drug has a currently accepted medical use. Although
 these are characteristics of a drug the FDA determines to be
 "generally recognized as safe and effect!re," they are not
 prerequisite to all objective determinat_ons of a drug's
 currently accepted medical use. As the Administrator observes,
 approval of an NDA under the FDCCA does not and cannot reasonably
 [ 19

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