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 I evaluating whether marijuana has a currently accepted medical
 I use° l_d. at 940. Far from invalidating the Administrator's
 ultimate decisions however_ the court simply remanded "for an
 I explanation as to how all three of these factors were utilized by
 the Administrator in reaching his decisiono _' !d. at 940. The
 I Administrator fully complied with the court's mandate by
 I explaining his reasoning on this points and indeed by generally
 disclaiming reliance on the factors the court suggested might be
 I problematic°
 Now that the Administrator has provided the full "explanation"
 I required by the courts there is no basis for petitioners' attempt
 to relitigate issues they lost on the previous appeal.
 Specifically, this court already has rejected petitioner's
 renewed arguments that it should be enough that a "respectable
 minority '_ of the medical community accepts marijuana for
 I medicinal purposes (930 F.2d at 939) 4 and that the Administrator
 The court explained that "neither the statute nor its
 legislative history precisely defines the term 'currently
 accepted medical useS; therefore_ we are obliged to defer to the
 Administrator's interpretation of that phrase if reasonable."
 Ibido (citations omitted). The court did "not see how it can be
 thought an unreasonable application of the statutory phrase to
 I emphasize the lack of exact scientific knowledge as to the
 chemical effects of the drug's elements." Ibid. Specifically
 addressing petitioners' claim that it should be enough if a
 "respectable minority" of physicians espouse marijuana being used
 medicinally_ the court held that "It]he determination as to
 much weight to place on scientific uncertainties as opposed to
 anecdotal evidence in applying the statutory phrase .o. is very
 much a policy judgment which we have no authority to challenge."
 Ibid. (citation omitted)° The court concluded that "[w]e
 certainly have no grounds_ on this records to dispute the
 I Administrator's premise that without much more complete
 scientific data American physicians will not accept marijuana."

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