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 I reschedule marijuana, and, ironically, Respondent's attempt to
 i defend that decision only reiterates its unfairness.
 For the foregoing reasons and for the reasons stated in
 i Petitioners' Brief and in Intervenors _ Briefs this Court should
 i remand the petition to DEA with instructions to (i) apply a legal
 standard that does not give controlling weight to FDA-prescribed
 I requirements for interstate marketing approval; (2) reopen the
 record to allow Petitioners and Intervenors to submit additional
 t evidence; and (3) review the record evidence with the objectivity
 i and impartiality appropriate to agency action.
 Respectfully submitted_
 Kevin B. Zees_ t X Da_idson
 Arnold So Trebach Amy Wo Lustig
 Jonathan Lee Kurry Sara E. Hauptfuehrer
 4455 Connecticut Avenue_ N.Wo 1330 Connecticut Avenue_ N.W.
 Washington_ D.Co 20008 Washinqton, D.C. 20036
 i (202) 537-5005 (202) 429-3000
 Attorneys for Petitioners Attorneys for Petitioner
 I The Drug Policy Foundation and Alliance for Cannabis
 National Organization for the Therapeutics and Intervenors
 Reform of Marijuana Laws Physicians Association for
 l AIDS Care and
 Lymphoma Foundation of
 D July I, 1993
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